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CSA Farm Shares

What is CSA?

ommunity Supported Agriculture is a business model that allows the consumer to buy a share of farm produce before the harvest season begins. Every CSA is different, but Bialas Farms CSA Farm Share Program is a convenient way to support your farmers while feeding your family the best and freshest local products you can buy.

Your one-time payment in the spring gives Bialas Farms the opportunity to grow and harvest over 100 different seasonal items. In exchange, you will receive a pre-assembled share box from mid-June until mid-October with no additional payments. The Free Choice option may be utilized as long as the farm stand is open, usually until December.

The FarmGirl carefully selects a seasonal assortment of 8-12 items to include in each weekly share box. She makes her selections based on seasonality, flavor profile and abundance, often keeping with a culinary theme. The majority of your share will be vegetables, but you’ll occasionally see some just-harvested fruit in your boxes.

Types of Farm Shares

Our Large “Farmer’s Choice” Shares contain a nice mix of veggies to feed a family for about a week. Small “Farmer’s Choice” Shares contain the same products but in a lesser quantity and should feed a couple and perhaps small children, depending on eating habits. We also offer a Biweekly Large Share that is distributed every other week.

Bialas Farms’ signature “Free Choice” Declining Balance Shares offer members the flexibility of purchasing homegrown produce from the Farm Stand on their own schedule and to suit their family’s preferences. If a regular weekly share seems daunting, our custom Declining Balance share would be ideal.

Prior to each distribution, all members receive The FarmGirl Cooks‘ weekly email newsletter, listing what will be in the shares that week. Declining Balance Share members may choose to purchase some or all of the regular share items and try out the recipes included. The newsletter highlights some details about farm conditions and anything exciting that we have coming up, plus the occasional members only discount code for seasonal treats.

Eat Like a Farmer

You’ll receive many carefully curated recipes and tips that work perfectly with your farm share box. Should you find that your schedule has you out and about with no time to cook, no worries! Kasha will explain how to care for and preserve your harvest so you can use it later. We want you to learn how to eat like farmers and get the most value from your purchase.

Farming is our full-time business so we’re always picking, washing and packing veggies for the farm stand, CSA shares and other orders. You may be lucky enough to catch us picking beans or corn or cucumbers, and we always need taste-testers. If we don’t have something on hand, you might even be given the chance to pick it yourself.

Thank you for being a part of our family’s farm journey. We hope you enjoy getting to #knowyourfarmer. Your support helps ensure local produce and family tradition for future generations.

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