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2021 Summer Farm Share Boxes
Information and Applications Available March 1.


• CSA Farm Share Sign-Ups March
• 9th Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale   Saturday, May 8th
• Farm Stand Hours Resume (weather permitting) End of May

Visit the Farm Stand for truly local veggies – grown right here in the famous Black Dirt Region of Orange County, NY. The first time our produce leaves the farm is when YOU take it home!

At the Farm Stand, Please Wear Face Covering and maintain 6 feet of distance between you and others when possible. Hand Sanitizer available at the entrance. Thank You!

He’s always been Funny Sonny... Happy Birthday, Pop. We love you lots!

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I spent a few happy hours with the (almost) Birthday Boy... including lunch at @eddiesroadhouse. 🍔🍟🍺
Sonny’s first visit here and he was well cared for by the team. Everything was delicious. Thank you!

Roadhouse open Today, Friday and Saturday.... Sonny’s actual birthday is tomorrow so I need to go bake now 🎂.

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Did anyone else notice that today is March 1st? I turned my calendar pages this morning... because I'm still an old fashioned gal who uses paper planners.

That means... the 2021 Summer CSA Farm Share Info is LIVE on BialasFarms.com today.

Click on the main menu link "CSA FARM SHARES" for the general details and follow the drop down link to "Summer 2021 CSA Application" if you are ready to print and mail. If you prefer to pay online, there is a "SHOP" link in the main menu.

Let me know if you have any questions about our program. We have many returning members that will likely pop in and help you as well.

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Anyone else waiting for Farmer Sonny’s SPINACH?

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It's almost time to choose a summer CSA farm share.

✅What do YOU look for in a CSA?
✅What helps guide your decision?

Bialas Farms CSA Farm Share details will be announced soon, but the general idea of our Farmers Choice Share is we pack up a box of just-picked veggies and herbs for you and you pick it up at the farm every week from mid-June through October.

You will receive an email newsletter that contains recipes, cooking and storage tips for all of the items you'll receive that week plus some stories about our 4th-generation family farm.👩🏻‍🌾🧑‍🌾👨‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾

Some of our members elect to use their shares completely during the week. Others prefer to use most of the box contents but also "put up" certain items for a later time, like freezing green beans or roasted cherry tomatoes.

We give you all the information you need to do that in your newsletter, plus we're available for personal consultations at pick-up. The Farm Stand is open to the public during CSA distribution hours, so you may also supplement with additional items if you're so inspired.

So, tell us!

What qualities are important to you when selecting your Community Supported Agriculture program?

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Tomorrow!! Last of the winter storage crops.

Snow and cold be damned. We’ve got warm smiles beneath our masks 😁

We hope to see you in the barn tomorrow, 9 AM to 2 PM, with our special guest vendor Lunagrown Jam!

Grab enough of your favorite jams to make a boatload of crepes, muffins, and sourdough toast. Winter baking is such a comfort.

Be extra careful on the roads and parking lot. We’re plowed out but Snowy, icy conditions still exist.

#bialasfarms #lunagrownjam #lunagrown #farmersonnyscarrots

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Happy harried Monday! Racing to get things in order for the next Pop-Up SALE on Saturday only, 2/20 (9am-2pm).

We’ll have plenty of carrots 🥕 (celery root, beets, rutabagas) and potatoes 🥔 and onions 🧅 and squash and popcorn 🍿

Visiting with us for the day is Special Guest Vendor LunaGrown Jam.

Be so very careful with the icy forecast tonight and tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday INSIDE the BARN!

#bialasfarms #winterveggies #farmstand #lunagrownjam #eatfresheatlocal #locallygrown #farmtotableeveryday #hudsonvalleyfarms #popupsale

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- Did you use up the last carrots 🥕 in soup last week?

- Are you finding yourself craving Farmer Sonny’s Popcorn 🍿?

- Did you know you can substitute Parsnips for carrots in a traditional carrot cake recipe?

- Are you missing those EXCEPTIONAL Black Dirt Russet Baking Potatoes?

Visit us NEXT SATURDAY, February 20 (9am-2pm), inside the barn.
Grab some essentials and see your farmers!

Special Guest Vendor LunaGrown Jam is celebrating a decade in business! Send The Jam Maker congratulations and snag your favorite jams right at the farm.

#bialasfarms #farmtotableeveryday #farmtotable #eatfresheatlocal #bialasfarmscsa

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Just a mug of potato leek soup to warm my hands today.

What are you cooking up on this snowy Tuesday?

#bialasfarms #homegrown #homemade #soup #potatoleeksoup #farmtotableeveryday #farmfreshinspiration

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According to my Facebook memories, we did a lot of this in Winter 2007.

I still have the chair… do you think Thomas will sit on my lap and watch Spongebob 🧽 today?




#timeflies #tbt #throwbackthursday #mybabyboy💙 #love

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These cuties knew where to take a birdseed break. Thanks to Babs for the bell! ...

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For fifty years (heaven help me) he’s been waving to his little girl when he passes with the snow plow.

18”-20” with drifts up to 14 FEET around the buildings. Gonna be a lot of cleanup today. Stay safe, folks, and take frequent breaks. Don’t overdo it out there!

Weird mom note for SAFETY: watch for kids playing in the snow if you are snowblowing or plowing, and watch your own and others to make sure no one is hidden or buried in snow. Morbid thought but the consequences could be devastating.

#bialasfarms #snowstorm #mydad #snowday #orangecountyny #goshenny #farmlife #farmlifeisthebestlife

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The geese cause quite a ruckus! They always fly in and land in the river around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Sorry for the shaky video... it’s windy as heck!

#bialasfarms #blizzard2021 #geeseofinstagram #snow

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My second attempt at sourdough.

It is still too hot to slice, but Thomas keeps popping out of his virtual classroom to sniff it and caress the crust.

I think we watched 423 YouTube videos...

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#Repost @purethaicookhouse with @get_repost
❤️ Custard withCoconut sticky rice. Our Secret ingredients from @bialasfarms new Hampton No Farmers no chefs #pumpkincustard #purethaicookhouse #thaifood #supportsmallbusiness @thefarmgirlcooks 👨‍🍳🙏. @starchefs and @will_blunt for great photos

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We will announce future pop-up sales here, but in the meantime, the farm stand is closed for a bit while we focus on starting the 2021 growing season. Keep an eye out for CSA and Farm Share information towards the end of February.

Our Foodie Community is sharing their creations on Facebook. Join us for recipes, photos, and lots of real life cooking ideas.

#bialasfarms #bialasfarmscsa #farmtotableeveryday #farmfreshinspiration #reallifecooking

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🥕“Come here, Dad.”

🥦”What do you see? Is something there?”

🥒”No, Dad. I want you to stand here.” (Points to forklift)

🌶”Over here?” (Faces opposite direction)

🥬”Yes, but turn towards me.”

🍅”This way?”

🌽”Dad. Look at the clock and smile.”


It took awhile, but it’s done!

This three-season farm is taking a break before getting started on spring 2021 work... Which is essentially tomorrow 🤣

To each of you who has supported us with your service this year, we are eternally grateful. We are nothing without our friends.

And to our customers, both returning and new, your dedication to putting locally grown foods on your tables is what keeps this 4th-generation family farm in business.

We thank you for paying us to play in the dirt! 🙏🏻🤗😁

#bialasfarms #bialasfarmscsa #farmtotableeveryday #farmlife #daddysgirl😘 #farmer #farmgirl #womenwhofarm

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Even inside the greenhouse, this English thyme has been frost – kissed.

The tiny green leaves have a purple hue to them. Gorgeous and robustly flavorful, fresh thyme can be used to flavor all of your favorite meats, potatoes, squash, and winter root crops.

Or, you can simply stand up your bunch of herbs in a pretty glass and let it dry for a few weeks. It will dehydrate and become very crumbly, and then you can store it in a jar for later use. Herbs that you dry yourself will be far superior in flavor to anything you purchase online or in stores.

fresh thyme and rosemary will be available at the farm stand Mega-Sale today, 2 PM until 6 PM. This is our last scheduled a Farm Stand day of the winter season.

#bialasfarms #freshherbs #thyme #herbs #localtastesbetter #gopackgo

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Plenty of rain overnight and today’s warm temperatures made for a stream where there wasn’t one before - between the greenhouse and fields!

We can’t thank you all enough for stopping by the farm stand this weekend. We’ll have another sale day on Tuesday, 1/19 (2-6pm).

We’re proud to help you feed your families 🙏🏻

#bialasfarms #muddy #farmlife #landscape

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Try to stop by the farm stand tomorrow and Tuesday to pick up winter veggies... we’ll all be there!

#bialasfarms #sale #greatdeals

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Open until 1 this afternoon and reopening 9 tomorrow morning! #megasale #bialasfarms #stockupsale ...

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The last of the celery... the heart of our farm!

#bialasfarms #celery #storagecrops

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All afternoon in the barn I was dreaming of what I would make for dinner. These are the things I grabbed.

Then I got home, took my boots off, irritated the cat, and decided leftovers would suffice.

Yeah... happens to all of us.

See you inside the barn this weekend!

#bialasfarms #soupseason #farmlife

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#demure #parsnips #farming #rootveggies #bialasfarms #winterfarming ...

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Cleaning, purging, organizing... it’s how we roll in January.

Here, I cleaned out the fridge for a Buddha Bowl lunch: Air fryer crispy chickpeas, baked sweet potato, garlicky broccoli, and a quick peanut sauce.

Finishing out year-end business tasks, getting things cleaned up around the farm, ordering seeds, prepping produce and scheduling deliveries is the name of the game. There’s not a whole lot of downtime in farming.

speaking of which, come out and see us at the farmstand for next week’s mega sale: Friday 1/15 and Saturday 1/16 9 to 1 and Tuesday, 1/19, 2 to 6.

#bialasfarms #farmtotableeveryday #eatrealfood #vegan #vegetarian #lunch #leftovers

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You know what I miss?


REAL spicy and substantial full-leaf arugula.

This “baby arugula” from the supermarket is just blah. But like everyone else, we are supplementing our farm-grown and preserved goodies with storebought.

Last January, I had a goal of eating #farmtotableeveryday. My daily meals may not be 100% homegrown, but there’s something each and every day.

This salad contains arugula, goat cheese, walnuts, dried cherries, olive oil and white wine vinegar plus homegrown scallions (which are really the onion sprouts that come out of an old onion) and an apple from Soons Orchards. If we didn’t grow it, it makes me feel better knowing who did!

What can you put on your table today that was grown locally? Tonight will be wild rice and veggie soup with TONS of homegrown root veggies and some Brussel Buds.

#bialasfarms #farmfreshinspiration #eatfresheatlocal #farm #knowyourfarmerknowyourfood #knowyourfarmer #soonsorchards

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The Farm Stand may be closed for a small break, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done!

One day after Christmas , Farmer Sonny and Paul packed up a bin of squash to be delivered to Adams Fairacre Farms.

You can find your favorite Bialas Veggies (including carrots 🥕) at Adams’ stores in Newburgh and Wappingers Falls.

In the meantime, clean out your fridge and prepare your root cellar for our big mega sale coming up in a few weeks.

#bialasfarms #eatlocal #locallygrown #familyworkstogether #adamsfairacrefarms #ilovethatstore

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Onions, homegrown and full of flavor, simmering in butter for Christmas Eve pierogi (STILL in progress).

#queenofprocrastination or #justsodamnbusy ?

#bialasfarms #merrychristmas

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Ready for the final Farm Stand of 2020! We are opening a little early today, 2 PM to 6 PM. Our special guest vendor is SEW EZ Creations.

I will announce our January mega sale dates soon and we will be selling off whatever we have left. We are looking at the second or third week of January. We all need a little recovery over here… It’s been one hell of a year!

I hope to see you soon, but if you can’t make it over to the farm, know that we send you all our best wishes for a happy holiday and a safe, prosperous, and healthy New Year!

#bialasfarms #fullcircle #timetorest #winterrest #happyholidays

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I’m so glad I invested the time into teaching this young man to cook.

It got messy, and it got frustrating, and it took a lot longer to finish a job. But, in the end, that’s parenting, right?

My baby cooked my birthday dinner tonight: butter-basted pork chops and homemade spaetzle.

#kidsinthekitchen #menwhocook #proud

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We had such a nice day with our friends and family at the holiday market today.

Thank you so much to all those who visited the farm. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support as we make our way to the end of 2020.

A special thanks to our Guest vendors Corbett‘s cookie bar kitchen and Lunagrown jam.

It warms our hearts to know that Bialas Farms will be helping to feed your families. Nourishing the community fuels our fires.

The Farm Stand will be open Tuesday, 12/22, 2 PM to 6 PM with special guest Sew EZ Creations.

January Mega-Sale dates to be announced (we are aiming for the second or third week of January). Keep an eye on our social media or Bialasfarms.com.

Merry Christmas, friends, and CHEERS for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

#bialasfarms #holidaycheer #gratitude #farm #birthdaygirl

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Judging by the view outside my kitchen window, there will be ample opportunity for beautiful photos from your place all the way to the farm.

Keep your eyes open, keep your camera ready, and enjoy the visual blessings of a snowy and frosty morning.

The farm stand and Holiday market opens at 9 AM.

#bialasfarms #holidaymarket #lunagrown #corbettscookiebarkitchen #eatlocal #shoplocal #supportlocalbusiness

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We are closing out our RECAP of 12 Days of Corbett's in hopes of putting SWEET DREAMS in your head for a Saturday visit to Bialas Farms. 12/19, 9am - 2pm, this Holiday Market features our friends from LunaGrown Jam and SweetTymes Candy Shop.

Day 12 Hazelnut Buttercreme’ This is by far the most complicated creation we ever executed. This was a late night, every utensil, several casualties and heightened conversations. This is exactly how I envisioned 12 Days of Corbett’s would end. This cookie is pure Holiday Delight. We hope you enjoy 12 Days of Corbett’s as much as we did creating them for you. Our creations are very little sugar and absolutely no ingredient that we cannot pronounce is used. Come get a selection to have available for your low key Holiday Celebration or to give as I am Thinking of You/Thank You gift. You will surely brighten their day with a small batch, old fashioned Holiday Cookie.

#12daysofchristmas #12daysofcookies #12daysofcorbetts #hazelnut #hazelnutcookies #christmascookies #cookiesofinstagram #warwickny #nyc #vernonnj #orangecountyny #hudsonvalleyny #hudsonvalleyeats #lowsugar #givebecauseyoucan

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