Farm Share Buying Club

A Farm Share Buying Club is simply a group of people who are dedicated to participating in Bialas Farms’ CSA and enjoying healthy, high-quality foods purchased directly from the farmers who grow them. The Buying Club is all about you and your friends or coworkers getting together to share the benefits and responsibilities of a farm share program.

A weekly farm share can be an overwhelming commitment for some people. Distribution days and times just don’t work for everyone and that can be a deterrent. But, if we focus on what a CSA truly is – community supported agriculture – it just seems natural for neighbors to get together to help each other access premium, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

We hope the Buying Club idea opens the door for more people to join our food community. Everyone should have access to the best foods they can get and there’s nothing more ‘farm to table’ than homegrown veggies picked just for you!

More information about organizing your own Farm Share Buying Club is just one click away.


1) Locally grown food tastes better.

2) Locally grown food is fresher because it doesn’t need to travel far to get to you.

3) Local produce is better for you – food loses nutrients the longer it’s off the plant.

4) Local food supports local farm families.

5) Local food builds community.

6) Local food preserves open space.

7) Local food supports a clean environment and benefits worldwide.

8) Local food is about building the future.

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